Thursday, March 27, 2014

Limited Time "Celebrating Sassy" Sale!

Five years ago, on April 7, I adopted the Brushstrokes mascot, Sassy, and she's been the love of my life ever since. In honor of the sunshine of my life, between now and April 7 at 11:59 p.m. central time, all custom portrait/painting orders placed will receive $50 off! This means the starting price for a 16x20" portrait, which usually starts at $150, is now $100! This is a temporary sale, ending on April 8, so don't wait too long!

Note: In order to qualify for $50 off, the down payment (generally $25) and contract must be received by April 14, at 11:59 p.m. This contract simply puts in writing the agreed-upon price and ensures both of us are clear on deadlines for both the project and the final payment in case of any miscommunications. It also puts in writing your requests and/or preferences for the painting so no one is operating on assumptions. :) 

I will send you the form (previewed below) by email once you've placed an order.

Contact Information

Full Name: _____________________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
E-mail: ________________________________________________________________________
Phone Number[s]: ______________________________________________________________
When is the best time to reach you? ________________________________________________
Preferred Method of Communication: ______________________________________________
Requested project subject: _______________________________________________________
Requested medium (i.e. oils, acrylics, pencil, mixed-media, etc.): ______________________________________________________________________________
Requested surface (i.e. stretched canvas, wood, doghouse, etc.): ______________________________________________________________________________

Copyright and Sharing Agreements:

Please check only the options to which you agree. Opting out of the publicity options will not prevent Brushstrokes by Niki from doing your project; however, deciding to opt out may result in additional fees. Please read each option carefully before submitting.

        I agree to allow Brushstrokes by Niki to use photocopies of my project for publicity and as portfolio samples for prospective clients.
        I do not agree to allow Brushstrokes by Niki to use photocopies of my project for publicity and as portfolio samples for prospective clients. I also recognize that by denying the artist permission to use this project in her portfolio, I will be charged a twenty-five dollar ($25) additional fee due to its not allowing the artist to bring in potential clients interested in a similar project.
       For one calendar year from receiving my completed project, I give the artist permission to contact me before various festivals and events in the Springfield area in order to borrow my project (at my discretion) for demonstration purposes as a vendor. As such, the artist agrees to return my project in a timely manner (generally within two hours but up to one week) following the completion of said festival.
        I choose not to allow the artist to borrow my project after its completion for any publicity purposes.
        I do not live near the artist, so the previous situation does not apply to me.
        (For pet portraits only) I give the artist permission to post photographs of my project on websites such as, which allow users to order prints of an artist’s work for a reduced (though far less customized) price; this means website users who have similar pets may have a photo-produced copy of my project for themselves. The artist receives a small profit (generally a very insubstantial amount) for these purchases. By agreeing to this option, I also give the artist permission to utilize my project in her own business on her own website for a larger profit should she acquire access to the technology.
        I decline giving the artist permission for the previously mentioned print option.
        This option does not apply to me.

By signing and dating below, I agree to the above terms as chosen.

Initials: _____ I also agree, should Niki deem it beneficial due to her own discretion, to paying a $25 minimum deposit (to cover basic supplies) to Niki before my project is begun.  

Initials: _____ I also agree to pay the full [remaining] amount due immediately upon receiving my finalized project. If I fail to do so, Brushstrokes by Niki reserves the right to retain my project for her own personal and professional use, overruling any previous decision to not allow the company to use or show my project, until I am able to pay the full amount. If I fail to pay the full amount within three months of my project’s completion date, Brushstrokes by Niki may keep my project and sell it to another customer looking for a similar project.  If my project is a human portrait and I fail to pay in full, Brushstrokes by Niki will not sell the portrait but will still show it at all future festivals, events, and online publicity. 

Printed Name: _______________________________________________________________

Signature: ___________________________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________________________________

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