Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2013 Freelance Projects as of the End of May

Obviously, until classes let out, I didn't have much time to do freelance work, but believe me, the moment I submitted grades, I pulled out the paintbrushes and finished Scout's memorial painting:

I've got two more projects in the works, but otherwise, I'm open for freelance orders! I've got the summer off from teaching (not by choice, but when they cut budgets, we part-timers feel it first), so unless I find a graphic design job before fall classes begin, I'll have plenty of time for painting and crafting, and I hope to be able to do a project for you. If you have questions about pricing, media, and options, check out the FAQs first, then email me at niki @ brushstrokes-by-niki .com!

Have a great summer, everyone!

Spring 2013 Projects

Academically, spring 2013's semester kept me busy pretty much every waking moment of the day with some VERY time-consuming projects. I had a painting instructor who was very technique-and-form focused, which definitely was a challenge, and I did have to swallow a bitter pill with earning a B+ (but humility is a virtue, right? ;) And I did learn a lot.), despite my best efforts. My three-dimensional design class was the one that really consumed my time, though, with three major projects (as well as a couple small ones whose images I'll post here tomorrow) that required a lot of ingenuity.

As with the earlier posts, I'll add captions soon, as well as explain some of the more abstract ideas. :)

Painting I:

Design II (3D Design):

One of the smaller projects from Design II was the evolution of 3D from 2D assignment, using a simple sheet of paper and scissors and an exact-o blade. My own design was inspired by Frank Gehry's architecture: