Sunday, July 31, 2022

Changes on the Way

Hello, beloved followers! I know I've been incredibly quiet lately, but it's been for a good reason: I'm one semester away from being a certified librarian! Yes, that's right... in December, I will have completed my Masters of Library and Information Science degree and will hopefully have time to pursue my art on a freelance basis again. 

Now, given that "information science" is part of my degree title, I've also become more aware of the technical and accessibility nuances of web development, copyright, and web presence, so be on the lookout soon for a revamped website with images that are no longer broken links. I have not yet decided if I will stay on the Blogger platform or if I will switch to Google Sites for a portfolio-style website, but changes are on the way either way. 

I am still creating, and in fact, after finishing my History of Books and Media final project (a website) for my summer course (link here), I actually created a redesigned cover of Angie Thomas's The Hate U Give as part of the Springfield-Greene County Library District's (where I currently work in a grant position in Local History and Genealogy) Banned Books Week fundraiser. It will be available for purchase along in September with a number of other banned book trading cards designed by some of my coworkers this past month. 

I would like to share a preview, but at present, I haven't figured out how to make a thumbnail version that cannot be zoomed in, and this is one case where I do not want anyone being able to save it to their computer. It's a fundraiser, after all, not just my own work for my own purposes.