Meet the Mascot

In Memoriam: 

Sassy passed away on September 21, 2020, from lymphoma, at age 11 years, 7 months, and 3 weeks. She is greatly missed, more than words can express, but her legacy lives on in her successor, Adora, who was adopted on October 10, 2020. Watch here for a updated page soon.

Like any good pet-focused company, Brushstrokes by Niki has a mascot:


"Hi people! I'm soooooooooo excited to meet you! Don't be put off if I jump up and knock you over--I'm just so excited to hug you and kiss you, no matter who you are! I'm obsessed with retrieving, swimming, begging for food, and playing. Kisses are my favorite, and the highlight of my day in nice weather is to watch the kids walking home from school because some of them stop to hug me. My tail almost wags off my butt when that happens, and when they don't stop, I try to look appealing and whine my way into their hearts. I know it's working because they all say, 'Awww!' I know for a fact that's the sound people make when they think I'm cute--and I know am! And lemme tell ya... no can believe I'm technically a senior dog now, since I'm still so puppyish and have such little gray hair on my muzzle."

Keep an eye on this page for Sassy-related news, and be sure to stop by her YouTube page--there are some howlers there (sometimes literally)!

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