Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spring 2013 Projects

Academically, spring 2013's semester kept me busy pretty much every waking moment of the day with some VERY time-consuming projects. I had a painting instructor who was very technique-and-form focused, which definitely was a challenge, and I did have to swallow a bitter pill with earning a B+ (but humility is a virtue, right? ;) And I did learn a lot.), despite my best efforts. My three-dimensional design class was the one that really consumed my time, though, with three major projects (as well as a couple small ones whose images I'll post here tomorrow) that required a lot of ingenuity.

As with the earlier posts, I'll add captions soon, as well as explain some of the more abstract ideas. :)

Painting I:

Design II (3D Design):

One of the smaller projects from Design II was the evolution of 3D from 2D assignment, using a simple sheet of paper and scissors and an exact-o blade. My own design was inspired by Frank Gehry's architecture:

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