Monday, March 24, 2014

*Carnival Barker Voice* Get Your Artwork Here! Step Right Up!

Ladieeees and gentlemennnnn... I have free time for projects, so please let me know if you're wanting anything painted or created! Generally, with the hours I have now, I can tackle about one 16x20" portrait per week, two weeks being my safety net, so don't be shy! I'm eager to have something to work on, and, well, I need the extra income for the next few months--at least until July. This is the best time there is all year long for ordering a portrait, so don't wait too long!

Starting price for a custom portrait, 16x20" being my basic size, in acrylics, is $150. You'll get a lot of time and focus for that price, so it's a good deal. Message me here, or email me at if you're ready!

On another note, I posted the fall semester's artwork to my portfolio page, so please feel free to check it out!

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