Saturday, June 8, 2013

Supply Donations and Contributions Needed

Art project time! Okay, peoples, I'm looking for some items for a couple ideas I have for art pieces I'll either add to my portfolio, use, or sell to someone who's down with the theme. (Finally--an idea that's completely independent of school!) So, if you're cleaning house or browsing a thrift store and see these for, oh, 50 cents or a dollar, please pass them along to me, and if you bought them, I'll pay you back if you really did find it for $.50-$1.00. The key here is not to donate anything that means something to you, as it's going to be taken apart or reassembled in different ways

*Analog clocks and watches with no emotional attachments (I'll be taking them apart)--big and small both!
*Broken/non-working antique clocks
*Old-fashioned keys (think skeleton or ornate) with nothing to unlock OR along with their matching padlocks
*Ornate but cheap, aged jewelry, especially if it has wings, is an animal of any sort, is floral, or has elegant scrolling lines, colorful gems, etc.
*Old books with missing and yellowing pages, especially those from great writers like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells; also, copies of photos from that time period (I'd feel horrible if I defaced an actual antique photo)
*Antique (especially Victorian style but cheap) jewelry/accessories, including cameos, chains, pocket-watches, pince-nez, monocles, top hats, aviator goggles, rusted/tarnished nuts and bolts, leather belts, [canvas-sized or smaller] wheels, gears, wind-up keys, ruffles, lace, etc.
*Garment items are welcome, but remember: I can't sew! Or, rather, I can barely sew, so it kind of needs to be items that can be assembled to others without needle or thread.

Geeks like myself probably figured it out before finishing reading the first item on the list, but total nerd cred to whoever figures out the theme I'm planning to play with this summer during my freelancing time. I will say that I'm looking for a variety of sizes here, as I'm looking at playing with making jewelry and accessories as well as mixed-media collages/paintings--possibly even sculpture. I'll definitely be throwing in my own twists on the theme, but if you're familiar with it, I think you'll know what I mean.

Obviously, I'll be looking for these items myself, but remember, other than my freelance work this summer, I have no income, so the more I can acquire by donation or very small prices, the better off I'll be. Also, sooner is best. Toward the end of summer, I'll either be settling into a new job or preparing to head back to teach.

Oh, and if you come across a cheap dress form, standard female bust (so I can do work with necklaces, hats, etc.), and hand-shaped jewelry-holder, I'd love to have them as well! They'll make great displays and anchors for the wearable projects.

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