Friday, September 16, 2011

[My Sexy New Desk]

I did end up getting a new desk, but rather than replacing the old one, I placed the new one so I almost have an L-shaped corner desk (the corner holds the printer and computer tower). Plus, I now have room to stretch my legs under my desk when I'm typing and writing! Whoo-hoo!

I've taken the plastic cover off the old desk, touched up the paint where it came off from it, and once it dries, I'll use it for a writing desk and for business files and boxes (I'll post a pic tomorrow so you can see the whole thing complete).

Here it is, though... my personal style in a nutshell, minus the lack of colors--contemporary, whimsical, and clean lines. Love it!

Oh, and a new mousepad--made from recycled materials, too!

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